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Amir Aghaei (امیر آقایی‎)


Amir Aghaei (امیر آقایی‎)

Director | Actor | Writer

Born: August 1st 1970 in

Amir Aghaei ( امیر آقایی‎ ) is an actor, born on the 1 August 1970 in Orumieh, Iran. He is known for Inja Iran, for which he was nominated at the Action on Film International Film Festival, USA, the award winning Death Is My Profession (Marg kasb va kare man ast) (2011) and for his participation in the romantic drama 'Saadat Abad' (2011) in the role of Ali.


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Amir Aghaei (امیر آقایی‎)


Amir Aghaei (امیر آقایی‎)

Director | Actor | Writer

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