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Amin Zendegani ( امین زندگانی )


Amin Zendegani ( امین زندگانی )

Actor | Director | Writer

Born in Tehran, Iran

Amin Zendegani ( امین زندگانی ) was born in a family of artists and musicians in Tehran. He began his artistic activities in 1991 when he entered the Tehran University Faculty of Fine Arts. After gaining four years of experience in stage acting, Amin Zendegani made his small screen debut with Young Lawyers. He also appeared in the dramas Days of being Young, Lost Innocence, The Charmed and Mokhtarnameh. He has also appeared in the films Actor, Nightmare and The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet. In 1996 Amin Zendegani won the Best Actor Award of the Fajr International Film Festival. He is currently one of the singers in the band Haft Read More.. .


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Amin Zendegani ( امین زندگانی )