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Amin Tarokh (امین تارخ)


Amin Tarokh (امین تارخ)

Producer | Actor

Born: August 11th 1953 in Shiraz,Iran

Amin Tarokh (امین تارخ) was born on 11 August 1953 and is an Iranian actor who has starred in numerous cinema and television shows. He graduated with a degree in cultural managment from the University of Tehran. Amin Tarokh has two sons named Nima and Mani. He also has a casting production company in Tehran.


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Amin Tarokh (امین تارخ)


Amin Tarokh (امین تارخ)

Producer | Actor

Actor (36 credits)
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The Sore Saghar - Saqar - ساغر1997
The Sore The Moon And The Sun - Mah va Khorshid - ماه و خورشید1996
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The Sore They Don't Like Anyone - Anha Hichkas Ra Doost Nadarand - آنها هیچکس را دوست ندارند1993
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The Sore The Searcher - Jostejoogar - جستجوگر1989
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