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Amin Hayaei (امین حیایی)


Amin Hayaei (امین حیایی)

Editor | Actor

Born: June 9th 1970 in Tehran, Iran

The Iranian award-winning actor Amin Hayaei ( امین حیایی ) was born on 9 June 1970 in Tehran. Hayaei was introduced to acting during his time in the Iranian Air Force. Currently he is considered to be one of the best actors of his generation. He has starred in many films and is known for his participation in 'Aqvariom' (2005), 'Poopak and Mash Mashallah' (2010), and 'The Yellow Rose' (2002) to name a few. Amin Hayaei is married to the Iranian actress Niloofar Khoshkholgh. In 2016, he stars in Fereydoon Hassandoust's movie Nardoon.


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Amin Hayaei (امین حیایی)


Amin Hayaei (امین حیایی)

Editor | Actor

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