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Alireza Davoudnejad (علیرضا داوودنژاد)


Alireza Davoudnejad (علیرضا داوودنژاد)

Director | Producer | Editor | Actor | Cinematographer | Writer

Born: May 7th 1953 in Tehran, Iran

Alireza Davoudnejad (علیرضا داوودنژاد) was born in Tehran in 1953. He started his career in film at the age of 17 as a scriptwriter. He is known for: the tale of young rivalry 'The Need' ('Niaz', 1992), which won two awards at The Nantes Three Continents Festival; the avant-garde romantic drama 'Sweet Agony' ('Masaebe shirin', 2000), which won a Crystal Simorgh for best director and Special Jury award for best film at Fajr Film Festival, and the controversial drama 'Slave' ('Marham', 2010), which was nominated for best film at the Dubai International Film Festival.


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Alireza Davoudnejad (علیرضا داوودنژاد)


Alireza Davoudnejad (علیرضا داوودنژاد)

Director | Producer | Editor | Actor | Cinematographer | Writer

Writer (32 credits)
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