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Ali Sadeghi (علی صادقی)


Ali Sadeghi (علی صادقی)

Director | Actor | Cinematographer

Born: December 5th 1980 in Tehran,Iran

Sadeqi, Ali (born December 5, 1980, Tehran) Ali Sadeqi has no cinematic training and was accidentally introduced to the world of acting with the series ‘The World Radiating Sun’ (1991). Despite lacking academic training, Sadeqi expertly uses facial expressions and witty dialogue to make his audiences laugh. He has thus become one of the most successful Iranian comedians. He has appeared in numerous movies and series, the latter of which includes ‘Aqaqiya Alley’ (2003), ‘The Homeless’ (2004), and ‘The Suspect Got Away’ (2005). His movies include ‘The Rival Wife’ (2005), ‘Checkmate’ (2008), ‘Marriage in Ext Read More.. ra Time’ (2009) and ‘No Men Allowed’ (2011).


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Ali Sadeghi (علی صادقی)


Ali Sadeghi (علی صادقی)

Director | Actor | Cinematographer

Actor (48 credits)
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