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Ahoo Kheradmand ( آهو خردمند)


Ahoo Kheradmand ( آهو خردمند)

Director | Actor

Born in Tehran, Iran

Ahu Kheradmand ( آهو خردمند ) is an Iranian actress born in 1950 in Tehran, Iran. She graduated from the University of Dramatic Arts. She started her work in theatre from 1968 and began her career in TV productions in 1972. A year after she started working in Cinema. She is known for "We Are All Good" and "Beautiful City". It was in 1982 that she migrated to America. She has stayed there and in Canada for about twenty years. Kheradmand came back to Iran in 2001 and she continues her work up to this day. She is the niece of Iranian Actress Nikoo Kheradmand.


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Ahoo Kheradmand ( آهو خردمند)


Ahoo Kheradmand ( آهو خردمند)

Director | Actor

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