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Afshin Hashemi ( افشین هاشمی )


Afshin Hashemi ( افشین هاشمی )

Director | Producer | Editor | Actor | Writer

Born: October 12th 1975 in Tehran, Iran

Afshin Hashemi ( افشین هاشمی ) is an actor and director, born on 12 October 1975 in Tehran, Iran. He has an MA in Directing and Acting from the Art University of Tehran. Afshin Hashemi is known for playing the leads in So Close, So Far (Kheili dour, kheili nazdik) (2005) and the war drama Golchehreh (2011). He has co directered the picturesque comedy-drama Don't Be Tired (2013).


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Afshin Hashemi ( افشین هاشمی )


Afshin Hashemi ( افشین هاشمی )

Director | Producer | Editor | Actor | Writer

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