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Abolhassan Davoodi ( ابوالحسن داوودی )


Abolhassan Davoodi ( ابوالحسن داوودی )

Director | Producer | Writer | Actor

Born in Nishapur, Iran

Abolhassan Davoodi ( ابوالحسن داوودی ) born in 1955, is an Iranian director, writer and producer. Davoodi graduated in cinema from Shahid Beheshti University, then he began his career as a film critic. Feature-length Payinzan (1987) marked his screenwriting debut. He went on to success in directing comedies, including feature 'Safare Jadui / Magical Journey' (1990), 'Pickpockets Don't Go to Heaven' (1991), 'Man Zamin Ra Doost Daram / I Love Earth' (1996), 'Nan va Eshgh va Motor 1000/ Bread, Love and 1000 Motorbikes' (2002). He also directed Boo-ye Khosh-e Zendegi (1995) and produced feature 'Jazire-ye Ahani / Iron Island' (2004) Read More.. . 'His 'Marde Barani / Rain Man' (1999) and 'Zadboom / Birthplace' (2009) were nominated for Best Film Awards and drama 'Taghato / Crossroads' (2006) was nominated for a Best Director Award at the Fajr International Film Festival. Davoodi's latest feature-length 'Rokhe Divaneh / Crazy Castle' (2015) won Best Director and Best Film awards at the 33rd Fajr International Film Festival, Tehran in 2015.


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Abolhassan Davoodi ( ابوالحسن داوودی )