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Abolghasem Talebi ( ابوالقاسم طالبی )


Abolghasem Talebi ( ابوالقاسم طالبی )

Director | Writer

Born in Isfahan in 1961, Abolghasem Talebi is a graduate of law. He is the manager and editor of the weekly magazine "Cinema & Video". In early 1990’s he made his first 16 mm short film titled THE GUILTY AND BY WHY SO CARELESS?. In 1995, he wrote and directed his first feature, THE DEVASTATOR. In 1998, he published THE SWALLOWS' RETURN, and subsequently made it into a TV series. In 2001, he wrote and directed MR. PRESIDENT, but it was his THE AFGHAN BRIDE - on which he was also the costume and set designer – that led him to international recognition. In 2012, he made one of the most controversial Iranian productions, T Read More.. HE GOLDEN COLLARS, focusing on Presidential Election 2009 and its aftermath, with the tagline, “The Most Political Film in the History of Iranian Cinema.”


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Abolghasem Talebi ( ابوالقاسم طالبی )