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Abolfazl Poorarab (ابوالفضل پورعرب)


Abolfazl Poorarab (ابوالفضل پورعرب)


Born: June 23rd 1961 in Tehran, Iran

Abolfazl Poorarab (ابوالفضل پورعرب) was born in 1961 in Tehran, Iran. He is a graduate of Theatre Acting and Directing from Art Academy. Starting his work in Theatre from 1978, he played his first role in cinema in Zakhme movie. Abolfazl Poorarab has the experience of being the director assistant in a couple of movies. His acting in Aroos, Behrooz Afkhami's movie, is very well known and he won the award for the best leading role from Pyongyang International Film Festival. Abolfazl Poorarab is also a winner of crystal Simorgh from Fajr Film Festiva for playing the leading character in A Man Like Rain in 1996. His last appearance Read More.. was in Hamid Nematollah's TV Series: Vaziat Sefid.


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Abolfazl Poorarab (ابوالفضل پورعرب)


Abolfazl Poorarab (ابوالفضل پورعرب)


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