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Abolfazl Jalili


Abolfazl Jalili

Director | Producer | Editor | Cinematographer | Writer | Music | Costume Designer | Actor

Born in Saveh, Iran

Abolfazl Jalili (born in 1957) is an internationally acclaimed Iranian film director, writer, producer, editor and cinematographer. He belongs to the so-called Iranian New Wave movement. Jalili studied directing at the Iranian College of Dramatic Arts, then worked for national television (IRIB), where he produced several children's films. Jalili's 'Det' Means Girl (1994) won prizes in Venice film festival and Nantes. Jalili received the Silver Lion for Best Director at Venice Film Festival in 1995. The film Dance of Dust won the Silver Leopard Award at the Locarno Film Festival in 1998. He was one of Rotterdam's Filmmakers in Focus in 1999. J Read More.. alili is also known for Joghd (1975, short), Pesarak-e Rouznameh-Foroush (1976), Khaneh (1979, short), Ba Bachehay-e Zelzeleh-Zadeh Golbagh-e Kerman (1980, short), Mohajerin-e Jangi (1981, doc), Dakeh-Daran-e Tehran (1981, doc), Movazeb Bash! (1982), Nativity (1983), Spring (1985), Scabies (1987), Dorna (1990), A True Story (1996), Daan (1998),Tales of Kish (1999), Delbaran (2001), The First Letter (2003), Full or Empty (2005), Hafez (2007), Darvag (2012).


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Abolfazl Jalili