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Abdollah Alikhani ( عبدالله علیخانی )


Abdollah Alikhani ( عبدالله علیخانی )

Producer | Writer

Abdollah Alikhani ( عبدالله علیخانی ) is a film producer and writer. Alikhani was born in Rey, Iran on the 22 December, 1949. He is known for his work as a producer in films, such as: 'Coma' (2004), 'Tekye bar bad' (2000) and 'Two faces of the coin' (1992).


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Abdollah Alikhani ( عبدالله علیخانی )


Abdollah Alikhani ( عبدالله علیخانی )

Producer | Writer

Producer (35 credits)
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Nights of Tehran - Shabhaye Tehran - شب‌های تهران2000Watch Now
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The Song of Tehran - Avaze Tehran - آواز تهران1991Watch Now
Chance of Life - Shanse Zendegi - شانس زندگی1991Watch Now
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