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Abbas Amiri ( عباس امیری )


Abbas Amiri ( عباس امیری )

Director | Actor

Born in Amol, Iran

Abbas Amiri ( عباس امیری ) was an Iranian actor who passed away in 2011 (Rasht, Iran). After finishing high school, he joined the Theater Office of Rasht and began stage and cinema acting. He first appeared in a minor role in the drama called Forest Uprising / Koochak-e Jangali. His film debut was Fire in Winter / Atash Dar Zemestan (1984). Abbas Amiri proved his acting skills with The Bride (1990) after which he became known as a versatile film and television actor. He played in many TV series such as Shoghe Parvaz (2011), Rastegaran (2010) and Tanhatarin Sardar (1997). He also starred in Hamlet Kharchang-ha (1992), Domrol (1993), R Read More.. ooz-e Sheytan (1994), The Fateful day (1995), Ethereal (2001). He was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Somewhere Far Away


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Abbas Amiri ( عباس امیری )